From Music Awards (JUNOS) to Hollywood


The Girl Pow-R Pop Star Training Program brings
hard-to-access Hollywood knowledge and training to
instruct and prepare young and talented artists.


All-Girl Group – Pop Star Training – Join the Band!



Be a part of an all-girl training program with your amazing vocal chops

Play an Instrument

You play an instrument or have the dedication to master one


You have natural rhythm and moves — even better — you are a dancer with some training

Act and Perform: Stage Presence

You live to perform! Sure, you’re nervous — but you love that the audience loves you!


Write lyrics and music — you have ideas and feelings that must be heard!

Interviewing + “IT Factor” Training

Learn and master the art of interviewing and “wow-ing” the audience



We will be accepting applications from girls who are 9 to 17.

Create a video of yourself and post it on YouTube. Submit the link — make it either a public or unlisted video so we can see how great you are! It should include the following:  1) Intro, 2) Singing, 3) Dancing.  We’re looking for talented young artists with great charisma, energy and personality.


Say your name and that you are auditioning for this Girl Pow-R artist development program … let us know why we should choose you for this extra-special training program!


Show us that you would be comfortable singing music live on stage! Any genre of music is great. Please sing a song you are comfortable singing, which shows off your range and provides a sense of who you are as a person.


Dance your very best dance choreo! Either something that you learned in another class, or something you have created yourself! Just tell us whether someone else taught it to you, or you did it yourself!  Any style of dance is fine.


If you need to, shorten the sections to keep the whole video under 5 minutes — we won’t watch anything past 5 minutes! Just show us your awesome-ness in the video.

Dress in something you would wear as a pop star performer. Have fun and show your personality!


NO make-up. NO make-up. NO make-up. We want the real you!

Send your resume and a recent head shot or photo. Include your name, your parent’s name and your email address, so we can link it to your video submission.


EMAIL Resume and Head Shot/Photo to


Your experience is way more important than a perfect picture!

1) We will review your audition for the Girl Pow-R Pop Star Training Program.


2) Across North America, the top girls will be offered the opportunity to register for this artist development program and join this prestigious group of girls who are taking the world by storm.


3) Your classes will begin online to be able to reach broadly across the country and around the world. As you progress, in person classes will also be offered.


4) The Girl Pow-R Pop Star Training Program’s goal is to instruct and prepare gifted and talented young artists in the skillsets needed for success in the highly competitive performing arts sector, as well as developing them to join the Girl Pow-R band, or other unique opportunities.

Audition Deadline: October 30th

Accepting Applications
From Around the World

(Classes are in English)

Girl Pow-R Pop Star
Training Program


— An Artist Development Program:  Forging a New Path to Hollywood —

Over the last three years, Canyon Entertainment Group created a triple-threat all-girl group, ages 12+ called Girl Pow-R. Canyon has marshalled them to a JUNO nomination (the Canadian version of the GRAMMYs) for their album of original songs. They have also performed over 200+ shows, and completed a US tour. Girl Pow-R’s JUNO nomination has made history as being part of the first young people to ever be nominated for Album of the Year in the Children’s category.

The Canyon Entertainment Group’s Star Academy has launched the Girl Pow-R Pop Star Training Program to instruct and prepare gifted and talented young artists in the skillsets needed for success in the highly competitive performing arts sector, as well as developing them to join the Girl Pow-R band.


Canyon also has programs directed towards training boys for the music industry. Overall, Canyon is focused on the fundamentals, training and guiding artists of all ages, and giving them real-world experience in performing and sharing their craft to prepare them for a major label and/or independent artist deals.

These are the Training Levels in the Girl Pow-R Pop Star Training Program:


Pop Star Trainee

Denim Jacket

Pink Jacket


Junior Varsity (JV) – Invitation Only

Varsity (V) – Invitation Only

Hollywood Prep – Personalized & Customized Programs for Groups & Individuals


Fee-based training programs start at $100/month. The Levels progress a student through the following items, with more training provided at the more advanced levels:


Private Vocal Instruction

Dance Instruction

Group Performance Training

Band Practice

Interviewing Skills


Stage Training

Charisma & Acting

Social Causes

Social Media



Camera + Video Skills

Wow the Audience & Hype

Wellness Training for Touring

Building Confidence

Resilience + Achievement Training

Creating a Plan

‘It Factor’ Training

Private Instrument Instruction


In the beginning training levels, all classes are online. Once a sufficient number of girls have joined the training program in a particular geographic area, and COVID restrictions allow it, weekend in-person workshops will begin to be offered in selected cities.


Performance Opportunities:  Based on your level and expertise, there will be performance opportunities online, and then in person. Touring performances occur at the highest levels.

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