Empowering Young Girls with Mentorship and Guidance

Brooklyn, New York’s District 19 has started The Girls Empowerment Movement: A program dedicated to providing support and mentorship to young girls of elementary and middle schools in the area. It was organized by Abbe Berger, one of the schools’ guidance counselors. She and other mentors put together speakers, panels, performances and more, in order to teach the young girls a different theme each month. Past themes have included beauty, strength, and confidence. Abbe Berger, along with the rest of The Girls Empowerment Movement, hope to create a safe space for young girls to share, learn, and develop skills that will prepare them for their individual futures.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.brooklynpaper.com

Self-assurance and self-love are incredibly important when it comes to empowering young girls. They hold so much potential, yet their abilities are consistently overlooked as they are down-trodden with unrealistic expectations, upsetting stereotypes, and a firm societal voice that claims they are not good enough.


Brooklyn, New York’s District 19 is taking the right action with The Girls Empowerment Movement, and their goal is honorary:


“The program provides incredible mentorship. It gives these girls role models to look up to,” Berger said. “We want them to feel confident, to aspire to, and achieve self-love.”


Through a variety of activities and social events, the program is empowering young girls by teaching them how to stand up for— and how to be— themselves. The program focuses on strength, confidence, and a variety of other traits that are teaching girls to act in the face of adversity. It is preparing them for the future while providing them with role models and a place to turn to for guidance within the program, as well as for life. 


In taking action for the well-being of young girls, societal expectations of women are pushed aside. Girls grow into women who can and do use their potential to do great things. The movement shows these youth that they matter, that they are loved, and that they hold a place in the world. Not to mention, influences society to implement other programs that instill self-confidence in today’s youth and begin empowering young girls to take on the world. 


To read about the movement and the goals of the program according to organizer Abbe Berger, and for more information on New York’s The Girls Empowerment Movement, refer to the original article at Brooklyn Paper.


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