5 Ways to Build Resilience

Resilience is the capability of recovering from difficulties and tough times by applying inner strength. This capability can not only help you to cope in the face of adversity, but often provides an opportunity for self-discovery. You can build up this trait by applying these strategies to help you cope with the challenges in life. If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your ability to deal with life’s challenges, then this article is for you.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.apa.org

  1. Take care of yourself


Taking care of yourself can simply mean being kinder to yourself. Pay attention to your emotions and feelings, engage in activities that you enjoy and find interesting, and reward yourself when you achieve something. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. It is important to know that no one will do this for you. Taking care of yourself helps your mind and body have the strength to deal with situations that require resilience.


  1. Practice self-compassion


Having self-compassion is good for your mental health. Adversity and fears are normal and will happen to all of us. They can make us feel lonely and helpless. In this situation, learn to practice self-compassion to make yourself feel better. Having compassion allows us to deal with adversity and hardship. Coupled with kindness and a non-judgmental attitude, it will help to build up your resilience.


  1. Have supportive relationships


Psychologists and other mental health professionals often talk about the importance of having a strong social support network. Quality relationships with close family members, friends, or others are important; such relations can help you through difficulties and tough times. It is important to develop a strong social network and have people you can confide in and talk to. Receiving help and support from those who care about you and have the ability to listen can strengthen the resilience in you. Sometimes simply talking about your situation with a friend or loved one allows you to share your feelings, come up with possible solutions to your problems, and ultimately help you feel better in the face of adversity. 


  1. Accept what you cannot change


Resilient people spend time and energy focusing on situations that they have control over, while accepting and letting go of what they cannot control. Morin, the author of “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t do,” encourages you to “affirm the good in the world, and you will begin to appreciate what you what.” Sometimes people may indulge themselves in overthinking the past and what cannot be changed, creating negative emotions that undermine their resilience. It is important to understand that you cannot have everything under control. Accepting this fact is a part of living. Shifting your focus off of the things you cannot control can create happiness and lead to less stress.


  1. Challenge yourself


Resilient people view a difficulty as a challenge, instead of as a paralysing event. Challenge yourself as often as possible, no matter how small the challenge is. Learn from past mistakes and failures and see them as opportunities for growth. Never give up! Overcoming challenges can help you to nurture a positive view of yourself and build up confidence. Also, setting goals and putting in the effort to achieve such goals helps your self-assurance. In this way, you develop your ability to solve problems and become self-reliant.


To find out more about how to build your inner strength, visit the source information at the American Psychological Association website.


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