3 Ways to Empower and Inspire the Next Generation of Women Leaders

When you empower a single woman, you empower a complete nation. The act of empowering does not only influence her self-esteem, reduces the gender inequality gap but also the economy of a nation.  Plunge into the why’s and how-to’s from this article.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.entrepreneur.com

Empowering and developing women leaders should be fostered in today’s businesses, non-business field, companies and organizations. Women should be trained to take up top leadership positions, careers in STEM and develop their talents. This not only reduces the gender parity gap but also positively influences their self-esteem, decision making tone and the economy of a nation.


Employers should go lengths in organizing structured hiring and training practices as well as providing sponsorship, grants and resources for professional development in order to nurture, engage and retain talented women. They can also sponsor and empower them to take up senior leadership positions.


Employers are tasked with identifying harassment and eliminating biases. Harassment causes an unpleasant environment and leads to low productivity. Discrimination in salaries and promotions is most common towards women at work. This limits women from activating full leading potentials. A way to remedy this and empower women leaders is to eliminate discrepancies between pay rates and ensure equal payments for all employees with equal experiences and similar roles.


According to the Entrepreneur website, women leaders should be taken through rigorous training, mentorship and adequately prepared for retention. Unsatisfying work balance and frustration with promotion opportunities have led women to leave the workplace at an alarming rate. 


A fair parental leave policy should be instituted that is flexible and accommodating for working mothers, that creates a balance between work and home. In addition, empowering women and men who decide to be parents is critical in order to avoid loss of their talents and all the benefits they could bring to society.


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