Meet Milana

Age: 11

Musical Inspiration: Justin Bieber

Life Motto: Practice makes perfect

Social Cause: Mental health awareness and support

Instruments: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele

Milana is a true Renaissance girl. She loves music and has a natural talent for learning new instruments.  This Italian girl also loves to groove to the music and listens to Justin Bieber because it makes her move. She is an optimist, and hard work and leadership are her backbone.

Milana follows in the footsteps of her older sister, Guiliana. She would sit and listen to her play piano and violin for hours. Milana’s parents signed her up for lessons and that sparked her passion for instruments. She has since been involved with Kiwanis Music Competition, specifically for piano and violin, where she won several medals.

Milana is an all-around, dynamic performer. She has an excellent voice. In 2016, she won runner up at IMTA New York’s Voice Competition. Recently, she released an original EP with renown producer, Roy Hamilton III. She is a great dancer. Trained in ballet, modern, and hip-hop, Milana has won several medals including fourth runner up at IMTA Dance Competition in New York. Milana aspires to be a professional musician because she loves to perform. For her, music makes people happy and she “loves to make people smile.”

Joining a band has always been Milana’s dream. She is ecstatic about Girl Pow-R, as it will allow her to share her passion with others. She is also inspired by the group’s social activism. Milana’s cause focuses on her desire to break the negative stigma associated with mental illness. She wants girls to know that there is no shame in seeking treatment. To her, it is important that young girls talk openly about issues they have, and that they be provided quality mental health resources. Ultimately, Milana hopes to spread her message on mental health through Girl Pow-R’s music, because “music has the power to make us smile, laugh, and to brighten our darkest days.”

Girl Pow-R is lucky to have this talented girl a part of the group!