Meet Krisalyn

Age: 12

Musical Inspiration: Alessia Cara – because she is positive, empowering and stays true to herself

Life Motto: “KEEP ON GOING! If you believe in yourself, stay confident but still humble and kind you can make your dreams come true.”

Social Cause: Youth homelessness, Hidden Poverty

Krisalyn is a fun, caring, optomistic French Canadian girl who is passionately pursuing her music career. She is known for her powerhouse vocals and unique tone. She sings pop, rock, musical theatre, country and now is writing/singing hooks with local artists in the hip hop scene. Her vocal abilities were discovered after a night of karaoke. She plays Ukele and guitar left handed. She performs in Canada and the U.S. She is currently the 2017 Rise 2 Fame Jr Champion and was awarded the Broadway Star for best vocalist in Michigan. She is a 2017 Rising Star finalist as well as a finalist in Season 10 Hiddent Talent Canada. She has performed in many concerts and Krisalyn is the youth advocate in her local schools for youth homelessness and hidden poverty. She works with the Windsor Youth Center to bring awareness to the community as well as just performed in a streethelp fundraiser that assisted in raising funds and donations to the local community. She wants to show girls that if you believe in yourself, stay confident but still humble and kind you can make your dreams come true.

Music is her world and she hopes to one day be a professional singer or a vocal coach. Krisalyn is very dedicated and works hard to reach her goal. Her favourite place to be is on stage she says theres no other feeling like having people cheer when you hit those high notes, it makes her smile.

Krisalyn is grateful to be a part of Girl Pow-R. It’s an opportunity to meet new friends and to perform with a purpose. To her, Girl Pow-R stands for something greater than the average band. She says, “I love the fact that I have the opportunity to be a role model and to encourage young girls.”

Krisalyn hopes to inspire others with the message that they can achieve their dreams, and that believing in one’s future starts with one’s self. Roads to success are built with the foundation of self-esteem and confidence. She hopes that Girl Pow-R will give girls the support they need to make their desires come true. “I want to show girls that whatever they want to make happen… they can make happen!”