Meet Sofia:

Age: 12

Musical Inspiration: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and The Beatles

Life Motto: Education is the key to success

Girl Pow-R Mission: Access to Education for Girls

Instruments: Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone

Sofia is a creative artist who loves to explore and experience fun, exciting adventures. She is also a dedicated student, and when she’s not studying Sofia participates in various sports, including basketball.  Sofia enjoys writing songs and plays an array of instruments. Musically, she is motivated to “keep on writing; it is a way to express herself and tell stories through music either from her own experiences or from her wild imagination.”

Sofia has always been passionate about singing. She received classical training at the Academy of Music and has studied piano there since the age of five. Her thirst for learning and natural aptitude for instruments is incredible. Not only does she study the saxophone at school, Sofia is also self-taught on the guitar and ukulele.

She studied dance, specifically jazz and ballet for several years. Sofia also enjoys singing and acting. The song she wrote, “Falling” propelled her to becoming a finalist at the Canadian National Exhibition Rising Star Challenge in 2016. Additionally, as a soloist, her exceptional voice has garnered her many performances at local Toronto concerts and festivals including Open Tuning Music Festival and Duwest.

Sofia admits that her biggest dream is to use her talents to be a popular singer and songwriter. Hence, she is grateful to be a part of Girl Pow-R. For her, the group is a great vehicle for reaching a broad audience of people and making a difference in their lives.

Sofia’s cause is girls’ education. She reflects that, “a lot of girls in different countries don’t have access to a proper education and without that they cannot be independent. Knowledge is power and I believe every girl should be able to have that power.” Sofia wants the band to inspire young girls to continue their education and raise awareness to the lack of education for women in other parts of the world.

Girl Pow-R is thrilled to have Sofia as a member. She is very talented and we are excited to nourish her songwriting capability.