Meet Krisalyn

Age: 11

Musical Inspiration: Alessia Cara – because she is positive and empowering

Life Motto: “KEEP ON GOING! They will always say something. It’s your job to know it means nothing.”

Social Cause: Youth homelessness

Krisalyn is a fun, caring, optimistic French-Canadian girl who works hard and is passionate about starting her career in music. Krisalyn caught the music bug after a night of karaoke. Since then, music has been her world and she hopes to one day be a professional singer or a vocal coach. Krisalyn realizes that her goals are not easy to achieve, yet she continues to work hard to reach them.

Krisalyn has a strong vocal background. Aside from private lessons, she studies voice at Chorus Music Academy and plans to compete with her acapella group. She has won various awards including Best Junior Vocalist Under 12 from Access Broadway in Michigan and first place in Harrow’s Got Talent (2016).

In addition, Krisalyn enjoys a variety of musical activities. She takes piano lessons and dabbles in songwriting. In fact, she is recording her own first original song with producer, Neel Dani. Krisalyn is also a great dancer, winning awards with her group performances at Access Broadway’s competition.

Krisalyn is grateful to be joining Girl Pow-R. It’s a great the opportunity to meet new friends and to perform with a purpose. To her, Girl Pow-R stands for something greater than the average band. She says, “I love the fact that I have the opportunity to be a role model and to encourage young girls.”

Krisalyn hopes to inspire others with the message that they can achieve their dreams, and that believing in one’s future starts with one’s self. Roads to success are built with the foundation of self-esteem and confidence. She hopes that Girl Pow-R will give girls the support they need to make their desires come true.   “I want to show girls that whatever they want to make happen… they can make happen!”