Meet Carina

Age: 15

Musical Inspiration: Ariana Grande – they have similar styles and Carina respects Grande’s unique sound

Social Cause: Anti-War and the “Give Peace a Chance” movement

Ethnicity: Italian

Carina is a fun-loving, Italian teen who enjoys singing and wants to pursue a career in entertainment. Carina leaves a lasting impression on those that meet her. To her teachers, she is known to be a “dedicated student”, and to her friends and family, she is a born leader.

Carina’s father and brother, both musicians, introduced her to music at an early age. Although still growing her craft, Carina can play the guitar and writes songs. Carina’s determination and passion are admirable. Since the age of two, she was a full-time competitive dancer. Carina is currently enrolled in the Arts Unionville Dance program and is a member of the K&K Dance Dreamz Intermediation Full-Time Competition Team. When not competing, Carina choreographs dances for fun.  Overall, Carina has much experience in song and dance, and was offered a scholarship from the York Region Celebration of The Arts.

Carina is happy to be a part of Girl Pow-R as she continues to build her musical reputation and skill. She says, “I love the idea of being in an all-girl pop group whose sole purpose is to spread a positive message and encourage young girls around the world.” For Carina, Girl Pow-R is the best of both worlds. It allows her to help others AND to do what she loves.

The group provides a space where she can be herself and promote causes that she is passionate about. A movement close to her heart, started by John Lennon, is “Give Peace a Chance.” The destruction of war is seen globally and can’t be measured in casualties or currency. She believes promoting anti-war and harmony is a sure way to stand united.  Carina wants true world peace, however, until then, she is content with being “a part of the movement to help girls achieve their full potential!”