Meet Azalyne

Age: 10

Musical Inspiration: Michael Jackson – she resonates with his uplifting message to “make the world a better place”

Life Motto: “One day, or day one.  You decide.”

Social Cause: Healthy eating and taking care of one’s body to reduce
the likelihood of diseases, such as cancer.

Instruments: Piano, Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and ukulele

Azalyne is hardworking, caring, and friendly, as well as incredibly proud of her Guyanese and Polish ethnicity.  Azalyne’s background is impressive. She has always been an avid performer; active in Musical training, acting and theatre. Azalyne’s instruments of choice are the piano, electric guitar, and ukulele, and her musical talents extend to lyrical writing. In fact, in 2016 she won first place in the Great Composers Competition Series (for participants under 21).

Azalyne naturally fell into music. She began singing before she could talk; and singing is the first and only thing she’s ever wanted to do. Hence, Azalyne works hard to achieve this goal. She began her musical practice at LKM studio in 2013, attending various music, theater and dance lessons. Her background has granted her access to a wealth of opportunities. In 2015, she performed in Johnny Reid’s music video, “Honey Honey”. In 2016, she won first prize at North York’s Music Festival and was a notable contestant in the Music Scene Talent Competition.

Azalyne is happy to be joining Girl Pow-R, as it will help her grow her talents, and give her the platform to positively influence young girls. For her Girl Pow-R cause, she wants to increase awareness around the importance of healthy living and exercise. She reflects that “I call my social cause health is wealth basically I want to spread the message that it is never too early to think about your health, and that we should be valuing our health the same way we value money. As I said I call it healthiswealth but what exactly is health? That word has many different meanings. But when I think about health, I think about things such as, healthier eating, wellbeing, Exersise, product use, screen time, and sleeping habits” Azalyne supports the initiative #healthiswealth, and wants to ensure that all people live a longer, happier and healthier life.

We are pleased to have Azalyne in Girl Pow-R, and are confident that her enthusiasm and musical writing skills will play a huge role in the group’s success.