Kalista Wilson


Meet Kalista Wilson:

Kalista is an outgoing 12-year-old who belts out Beyoncé songs whenever one hits the radio. This English/Jamaican loves to add spice to her performances and has a strong interest in songwriting.  She is a daydreamer at heart and longs to make a difference in the world. As Kalista says, “Why be normal when you can be extraordinary?!”

Kalista stays true to that motto by staying active in various school activities. She enjoys being active by playing multiple sports including volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, and track. Being an honor roll student, she co-founded the Robotics Club at her school and follows her heart by keeping active by fundraising for such causes as World Vision’s “Because I’m a Girl Campaign.”

Kalista has music in her blood. She came out of the womb singing (says her mom!). Kalista doesn’t have formal vocal training per se, but her experience and angelic voice speak for itself. She was a finalist in Hidden Talent Canada Woodbine, winner of Oshawa’s Got Talent in 2015, and she has racked up various medals at Kiwanis Music Festivals over the past three years.

Kalista believes music is about how it makes you feel and how you can allow it to move you. She has not determined where her life is taking her, but she is looking forward to the journey! Wherever it takes her, she knows she wants to give 100% to whatever lies ahead. Although she admits…

“All I really want is to be a singer and have people dance and jam out to my songs.”

Her enthusiasm and light-hearted attitude make her a perfect fit for Girl Pow-R. She is excited to make new friends, but also believes that Girl Pow-R is an opportunity to change the world for the better.

“Women can do just as much as men … thus women should have the same rights to education, health care, and other rights around the world.”

Kalista is a big supporter of Amnesty International, which is a non-government organization focusing on human rights causes. Gender equality is the focus of her fight — especially cases involving child marriage. She wants Girl Pow-R to not only move people’s hearts but their bodies too.

We thank Kalista for her contributions to Girl Pow-R and hope we can help make her dreams of helping the world through music, come true.