Bella Lecomte


Meet Bella Grace:


Bella is a fifteen-year-old, dedicated student who loves to push herself academically and enjoys helping others whenever possible. Bella is a talented performer. She has danced competitively for years and has trained in classical ballet. Hailing from a Chinese/ French ethnicity, she loves singing to a variety of music ranging from classical, musical theater, to modern pop. Her diverse taste in music suits her well-rounded outlook on life reflected in a quote by Vince Lombardi,

“Perfection isn’t achievable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

Bella is currently a scholarship student of The Taylor Performance Academy of The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She now studies in the senior voice program after recognizing her talents early. She actively started pursuing voice lessons at the age of seven after a music teacher interrupted her casual singing in a supermarket aisle to encourage her to reach her full potential by taking lessons. This advice to take voice lessons went on to change Bella’s life. In fact, two years later she was chosen as the Grand Champion in the CNE Rising Stars competition. She also won the Rise 2 Fame Competition. Bella has won numerous awards, including prestigious medals for Team Canada while competing in The World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood, CA. Bella plans on making music the focus of her career and is ecstatic to be a part of Girl Pow-R for that reason.

“Girl Pow-R is more than just a group of fortunate girls who sing … the girls empower followers and fans to be strong, make responsible choices, and bring social causes to the forefront.”

Bella sees Girl Pow-R as a vehicle for social change. Girl Pow-R instills confidence and creates self-esteem, which allows girls to be empowered, and to help themselves and others. Bella already works to encourage young girls to express themselves. She enjoys being involved in a school program called “Voices for Change”, a therapeutic program aimed to help disadvantaged students through songs and instruments.

Helping children find their voice is where Bella’s heart lies. She is passionate about children who experience family discord or trauma either directly or indirectly from drug abuse, physical abuse, or divorce. She believes a child’s experiences should be listened to, in order to highlight important life circumstances; it’s an initiative she calls “At the Mercy of Adults — A Childs’ Perspective.”

Bella is a true believer that music can change the world because music can change people. Music is a universal language with the power to transcend barriers. Music can be used as a tool to educate, empower and guide in times of need. Bella is certain Girl Pow-R can be used to educate and shed light on the societal issues most important to her.

We thank Bella for her contributions to Girl Pow-R and for choreographing the song ‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World.